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3 Biggest Mistakes after a Motor Vehicle Accident

The first big mistake that many people make after an Atlanta car wreck is that they do not seek medical attention immediately. A lot of times the injuries do not immediately onset and also sometimes they do onset fairly quickly. If there's not any blood, gore or some very clear and present fracture individuals tend to not seek medical attention right away. This will often lead to this notion from the insurance industry that either the person wasn't very seriously injured as a result of the collision or because they didn't seek medical attention right away there may have been something else that intervened in between that time that the collision occurred and the time that they actually sought medical attention.

Another mistake that individuals make which sometimes even impacts attorneys' willingness to except their case is that they've gone out and they've had significant discussions with the insurance adjusters about the case. They've even tried to handle the case and settle the case before contacting an attorney. By the time they've done that they've given up so many details about the damages of the case. The person has already talked about how " I wasn't really that hurt.", "I've had back surgery 2 years ago!", or even " I was hurt on the job 4 days before the accident." at this point they've said so many things that can potentially damage their case from a recovery standpoint that it could be irreparable by the time an attorney were to get his or her hands on the case.

Thirdly just to compound point number one which can significantly diminish the value of your case is gaps in treatment. Even after an injured person has gone out to seek immediate medical attention, if they aren't consistent in their care and that treatment sometimes poses issues when you get down the road. What gaps in treatment indicate is that the injuries may not be as serious that they are deserving of that medical attention and that consistent treatment.

So those are 3 of the biggest mistakes that individuals tend to make following their Motor Vehicle Accident in Atlanta and quite frankly they do have an impact on the value of your case.

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