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Automobile Accidents

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Prior to the global pandemic, COVID 19, a clear leading cause of death in the United States was fatalities from traffic accidents.  In 2019, the leading cause of death in the United States was traffic accidents.  Through only April of 2021, more than 1400 fatalities have resulted from traffic accidents on Georgia roadways.  In 2019, there were 61 fatalities resulting from traffic accidents in Gwinnett County Georgia.  In the event of a motor vehicle accident, you need to rely on an experienced and efficient motor vehicle accident lawyer for legal representation. Lawson Law Firm is your reliable partner and we invite you to call us today so that we can fight for justice for you.

Professional Approach – To Fight For Justice For You in Georgia

Our car accident lawyers at Lawson Law Firm in Lawrenceville, Georgia can help you navigate each aspect and dynamic involved in your automobile accident case no matter where you are located in the State of Georgia. We invest significant time and energy in investigating, searching for important clues and important evidence, and developing your narrative.  Most importantly, we value the time that we have to get to know each client.  This important time spent with the client, and often their families, helps us to present our clients' narrative persuasively. 

We Fight Hard For Our Clients

Without the right legal representation, you can damage your chances at maximum recovery.  On the other hand, with the help of an experienced car accident lawyer, you increase your chances of obtaining optimal results.  Our car accident lawyers in Lawrenceville fight very hard and push hard for justice for our very deserving clients.  Whether it is working through complex legal motions, managing tough evidentiary challenges, or fighting hard at trial, we compromise nothing for justice for our clients.

With tons of money spent on advertising for auto accident lawyer in Georgia, many are not certain on what factors to look for when trying to decide on an auto accident lawyer in Georgia to handle their case.  It is important to understand that every case is different.  Your case deserves the personal time and attention needed to ensure that you reserve the maximum compensation that you are entitled to by law.   We are trial lawyers and car accident attorneys.  We are here to fight for your rights and never yield to low ball offers of the insurance companies.  We will take your case, any case to trial to ensure that you receive fair compensation.  Never settle.  Give us a call and let us fight for you.

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