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Drunk Driving Is Selfish

Posted by Yari Lawson | Jun 24, 2021 | 0 Comments

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MAAD) started in 1980 around a small kitchen table when more Americans died at the hands of drunk driving than those who died in war.  MAAD was formed to end drunk and drugged driving.  Their impact has grown throughout the years, raising awareness to the dangers of drunk driving and the devastating impact that the consequences can cause.

In Georgia, it is estimated that 3.51 people die per 100,000 people in drunk or impaired driving related accidents.  Georgia is one of many states that have instituted harsher penalties over the years for drunk driving related arrests and convictions, including administrative license suspensions for refusals to cooperate in road side alcohol sobriety testing and heightened punishment for DUI recidivists.

All it takes is for anyone who has ever had one or more glasses of their favorite Scotch or Bourbon to know that alcohol can certainly impair one's motor functions.  Coupled with the fact that most DUI related arrests and accidents occur after dusk and into the early morning hours prior to dawn, the reduced visibility create a recipe for catastrophe on the roadways.

At Lawson Law Firm, we implore everyone to visit MAAD.MADD Learn more about their story and their mission.  Today, with the popularity of Uber and Lyft and other rideshare companies; and with the increasing visibility of designated driver campaigns, there is little reason for anyone to get caught in a situation where he/she has to drive  in a situation where the person is impaired or may feel impaired.

Not only is operating a motor vehicle while having a blood-alcohol content above .08 in Georgia illegal, it is selfish.  It endangers the lives of other motorists. It endangers the lives of the individual driving and consuming alcohol, which impacts the lives of their loved ones and dependents. Drunk driving is selfish and not worth it. Stand against it.  Be a designated driver. Order a friend a rideshare or cab home or take them yourself.  The same goes if you are alone and have had “one too many” to drink.

We hope that you or a loved one never becomes the victim of a drunk driver. We hope that no one close to you has to live that nightmare.  We are car accident lawyers in Lawrenceville,Georgia. Give us a call today to learn more about your rights if you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident involving a drunk driver.  We are car accident lawyers who will fight for you.

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