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How Dash Cams can Increase Compensation from a Car Wreck

There's no doubt that having a dash cam can significantly increase the value of your case and even before that even handle the issue of liability because a lot of times the officer on the scene of the accident isn't going to be able to determine fault correctly. This is because the at fault party may not always tell the truth about what happens at the scene of the accident. If that turns out to be the case there may not also be additional witnesses who can corroborate or verify what happens at the scene of the accident so then if it becomes the at fault person's version of what happened versus your version of what happened. Due to this the officer may not be able to determine fault. 

The tiebreaker in this situation could potentially be that dash cam video and if it is the tiebreaker then not only are you able to establish the issue of fault but you could then catch the at-fault party in a lie. This has very serious probative value at trial so dash cam videos. This is why dash cam videos are very useful tools not just from an insurance standpoint because they've been known to offer discounts for this but can also be very useful tools at trial. 

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