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How to keep yourself safe at a convenience store

Often times I get calls from people that were injured or hurt due to a convenience store shooting in Atlanta. While the responsibility of keeping the premises safe is on the property owner, I thought it'd be important for you to know how to keep yourself safe at a convenience store.

Firstly, make sure that you don't stop at a convenience store in a neighborhood that looks suspicious or you're not familiar with.

Secondly, you don't want to stop off at a convenience store that is off the beaten path, has low visibility to main areas or main stretches of highway, or if it isn't well lit in the nighttime hours. The likely hood for a dangerous occurrence increases dramatically when it is harder to see a crime being done there.

The next thing you don't want to do is ask anyone at a convenience store for directions. This will give them the indication that you're a stranger and they might see an opportunity in you.

Lastly, you don't want to flash anything of value like money, cell phones, or anything that is material in nature.

If you or a loved one has been injured or hurt in a convenience store attack, feel free to give us a call today and I'd be more than happy to discuss the details of your case.

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