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How to Ruin your case

Most individuals ruin their cases before ever talking to a lawyer. The insurance adjusters love the opportunity to talk to injured individuals very soon after a motor vehicle accident. Those injured individuals get on the phone and they're like those people on The First 48. Those people who get in the detective room and even though they understand their Miranda Rights, they get into the detective's room and tell everything they know they shouldn't be saying. 

This is exactly what happens when the insurance adjusters get injured parties on the phone and they start talking about how they've had back problems for years and how they don't know if the accident caused their back problems or neck problems. All these items are things that they shouldn't be discussing with the insurance adjusters. This entire time this whole conversation is recorded and by the time they decide to talk to a lawyer because the insurance adjuster is only offering them $2,500 when their medical bills are $17,000. Overall they've done a very good job at damaging their case and it is often too late to salvage that case from a damages standpoint.

This is why it is very important in the very beginning when you've been injured in a car wreck to contact an attorney first and be sure to let them do the talking for you so you don't compromise your case.

Remember the insurance company is not on your side, their objective is to try to save money, not to pay you the compensation you deserve.

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