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Knuck If You Buck?

Posted by Yari Lawson | Jul 07, 2021 | 0 Comments

Nightclubs are fun.  Music, strangers, and booze. No doubt revelers at nightclubs expect to let their hair down and enjoy themselves; perhaps leave the nightclub and go to Waffle House before making it home for the (morning).  In some places throughout Georgia, however, nightclubs can be dangerous places to congregate.  Often times, nightclubs can be located in neighborhoods that are surrounded by crime and narcotics activity.  This dangerous activity tends to spill over into the parking lots of the clubs or even into the clubs themselves.

In other cases, nightclubs may be in more commercial or supposedly reputable districts, like the Piedmont or Buckhead area of Atlanta.  However, certain clubs and certain themes promoted within those clubs may attract crowds of individual who are more “rowdy”.  Often times, rowdy club environments spill over into the parking lots or even worse, sometimes dangerous fights or even shootings may take place inside of the club itself.

There are several entities or individuals who may be liable when rowdy nightclub environments turn violent. Promoters, club owners, even security guards may be liable for failing to protect club patrons (business invitees) at nightclubs prone for violence.

I love Atlanta. I love Atlanta culture. I love Atlanta music. Undoubtedly, Atlanta hip-hop has invited the world to Atlanta.  Unfortunately, our beautiful culture has attracted some dangerous admirers.  Fights that break out in clubs can quickly turn threatening or hazardous.  We encourage you to drink responsibly and rise above conflict.  Be careful and watch your surroundings.  If you are a loved one becomes or has been the victim of a nightclub shooting or other violence, do not hesitate to give us a call today to discuss what legal rights you have.

Atlanta Night Club Shooting

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