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Personal Injury: Your Right to a Fair Trial

Posted by Yari Lawson | Jun 17, 2023 | 0 Comments

At Trial in Your Personal Case, You Deserve a Fair Trials

Where Does The Right to A Jury Trial Come From for Personal Injury Victims?

The Seventh Amendment of the United Stated Constitution guarantees the right to a jury a trial where there is any case and controversy “exceeding twenty ($20) dollars”.  All states have promulgated a jury selection process that aims to provide a fair and impartial trial to al; parties involved in a personal injury case.  This process sometimes referred to in the Latin phrase as “voir dire” is aimed at removing jurors who have biases that may keep them from being fair and impartial to the facts and evidence at trial.

Why The Jury Selection Process Is Important

There is no question that having open minded jurors who are prepared to hear the evidence and participate in the civic process is the foundation to a functioning jury system.   Often potential jurors can bring with them preconceived notions that may impact their view of a case before they have even heard the evidence in that case.  Plaintiffs have the right to identify and challenge those biased juror attitudes.  Of course, the right to a fair trial is important:  imagine if one of the jurors were friends and neighbors with a witness testifying on behalf of one of the parties!  As much as one may claim that he or she can be fair, the reality is: longstanding friendships are rarely jeopardized because someone was partial to a total stranger. It is important to identify and remove jurors who have no ability to be fair.

We Are Personal Injury Trial Lawyers

At Lawson Law, P.C., we are persona injury trial lawyers located in Gwinnett County.  We know that insurance companies are not interested in fair resolutions.  We are prepared to take your case all the way, and we will fight hard to protect your right to a fair trial.

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