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Why Hire Lawson Law Firm for My Car Accident Case

Insurance Companies Don't Care About You

This is not defamatory.  Insurance companies have a bottom line to protect.  Their employees are trained to assist them in protecting their bottom line. Their bottom line is protected when they pay low ball settlements.  They pay low ball settlements everyday to individuals who proceed without the assistance of counsel.  Make no mistake.  Insurance adjusters are not only loyal to their employers, but they are smart, skilled, and well trained individuals.

Insurance companies also understand the legal process.  They have money to hire some of the best and most experienced defense lawyers, who have trained them on how the litigation process works.  An insurance adjuster will know what a “Motion to Dismiss for Failure to State a Claim” is.  The insurance adjuster will know what the discovery process is and is about.

They will use your inexperience to not only low ball you, but to lull you into a litigation where your case has been so disadvantaged by potential mistakes that you have diminished your chance at a fair recovery.  They will rarely be mean to you. They do not benefit by being mean to you. In fact, they will get you to trust them.  They will use your vulnerability against you.  When you realize, you need a lawyer because they will not offer you anywhere close to the amount necessary to cover your medical bills: you have already given multiple emotional and potentially damaging statements. The insurance companies are not your friends. Do not open to them like they are.

At Lawson Law Firm, we are experienced in understanding the insurance industry tricks, games, and bully tactics.  We take on their bully tactics so that you do not have to. But no one should make the mistake of trying to fight the insurance company without a lawyer, the insurance adjusters are extremely talented at protecting their master's interests.

We Care About Our Clients and What They Are Going Through

This is not a cliché.  I love Atlanta and Atlanta-Metro.  You may find some lawyers around town making it a thing to talk down on other lawyers.  I simply do not believe in that.  The reality is: Atlanta and Georgia is full of talented and bright lawyers.  Humbly, we believe that we are amongst that group of lawyers.  We also believe that we do not exist if we do not have clients who trust us to represent their interests.  Our clients are our most valuable asset and we value that trust.  We are also human.  We have family. We know how we want to be treated and valued.  And we allow our human side to sympathize with the pain, suffering, and inconvenience that our clients are experiencing and work hard to get them on their path recovery.  We know that our clients have families who love them just like we love ours.  We want them to feel valued.  We extend our assistance to our clients seeking restoration to beyond just researching and investigating their case. We help them identify resources and professionals that will assist them on their path to recovery and we try to make it as easy as possible for our clients to help us to help them. We care about each case and each client, and promise it the time and attention that it deserves.


Experience matters. Quality matters. Hard work matters.  Dedication matters.  Simply put, Yari Lawson has been practicing law for over 15 years and has tried cases in courtrooms as a prosecutor, criminal defense attorney, and personal injury lawyer in complex matters.  Yari has deposed corporate executives, surgeons, leading experts, economists, and many fact witnesses.  In addition to understanding how to engage the insurance companies and understand injury law, our trial experience and willingness to take our client's cases to trial to demand full justice we believe gives our clients the best chance to receive fair and full restoration.   

We Are Your Personal Injury Law Firm

We are car accident lawyers located in Lawrenceville, Georgia, but we practice all throughout metro-Atlanta and the state of Georgia.  We fight for our clients wherever they are.  We pride ourselves on the commitment, passion, zeal, and experience that we put behind each one of our client's case.  It literally is a thing to us to do all that we can to maximize our client's recovery and to help restore them.  Even if it's not directly related to their case, our clients like that they can call us and ask us questions about other areas of their lives that they feel we can assist them with.  This makes us feel proud.  After all, we are their personal injury law firm.

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