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Apartment and Convenient Store Shootings

All throughout. metro-Atlanta, there are many apartment complexes and even convenient stores located in areas that attract violence and criminal activity.  In many instances, owners of these apartment complexes and convenient stores understand the likelihood of violent crime in or around their properties and simply fail to make their property safer for tenants or other individuals coming onto their property to do business.

At Lawson Law Firm, we have experience in representing injured victims in apartment shooting, convenient store shootings, and other violent criminal attacks that occur at business establishments in Lawrenceville, Georgia and all throughout metro-Atlanta.  We believe that no family should have to suffer the loss or serious injury of a loved one when these business owners fail to keep tenants and customers safe from criminal conduct that they can anticipate.  We do not settle for anything less than full justice for our clients and their families.

If you or a loved is an apartment complex victim or convenient store victim from a violent crime or other criminal activity, you need quality representation that you can depend on. Call us today at 678-690-5256.

Apartment Shooting Victim

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