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Are you grieving the tragic death of a family member after an accident in Lawrenceville, Georgia? If so, call Lawson Personal Injury Attorneys. You may be entitled to compensation if your loved one’s death could have been avoided. Our experienced Lawrenceville wrongful death lawyer can help you fight for the financial justice you deserve.

Since 2012, Lawson Personal Injury Attorneys has been a passionate advocate for grieving families in Lawrenceville. Putting 18+ years of experience behind every case, our award-winning Georgia litigator has successfully recovered millions in settlements and jury awards.

Now, we’re ready to help you demand accountability for your devastating loss. Contact our Lawrenceville, GA law office or call (678) 446-3655 to get started. Your first consultation is free.

How Lawson Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help Your Family After a Fatal Accident in Lawrenceville, GA

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While the insurance company might appear to be empathetic, it’s important to know that it doesn’t have your best interests at heart. When you pursue compensation for your loved one’s tragic death, they’ll do everything in their power to deny your claim or limit how much money you’re awarded.

Don’t let the insurance company or at-fault party control the fate of your wrongful death case. Level the playing field and demand the accountability you deserve by turning to our Lawrenceville personal injury attorney for help.

At Lawson Personal Injury Attorneys, we know that your world has just been turned upside-down. We also know that money won’t bring your loved one back or take away your pain, but it can help ease any financial burdens you have. It can also give you a sense of justice. 

That’s why we’re prepared to invest our experience, in-depth knowledge of Georgia tort law, and savvy legal skills into your case.

Count on us to:

  • Coordinate a thorough investigation into your loved one’s fatal accident to establish the cause and liability
  • Seek out accident reports, video footage, photographs, maintenance reports, and other critical evidence
  • Depose witnesses to gain insight and valuable evidence to support your claim
  • Enlist respected experts to consult on your wrongful death case and help us calculate what your damages are likely worth
  • Aggressively seek out a top-dollar settlement offer from the insurance company during negotiations
  • Help you and your family understand the pros and cons of accepting any settlement offers you receive
  • Have our award-winning Georgia trial attorney bring your wrongful death lawsuit to a Gwinnett County jury, if necessary

You’re going through an incredibly difficult time. You deserve to have a trustworthy attorney by your side to help you move forward. That’s why Lawson Personal Injury Attorneys should be your first call for help.

We represent grieving families on contingency. You’ll pay nothing until our wrongful death attorney in Lawrenceville wins your case. Reach out to our legal team to set up a time for a free consultation to discuss the details of your situation today. We’re always here to help – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How Does Georgia Define Wrongful Death?

Georgia’s Wrongful Death Act, as found in Ga. Code Section 51-4-1, defines wrongful death as “the death of a human being” as a result of:

  • A crime;
  • Criminal negligence;
  • Ordinary negligence; or
  • Defective property, regardless of negligence.

Typically, when a person is injured because of a criminal act, negligence, or a defective product, they reserve the right to file a personal injury lawsuit for damages. When a person dies because of a criminal act, negligence, or a product defect, that right doesn’t disappear. Instead, Georgia law shifts this right to another party. This helps to ensure that the at-fault party is still held accountable and that any damages sustained are covered.

Who Has the Right to File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Georgia?

Not just anyone can file a lawsuit after a wrongful death occurs.

Georgia law limits this opportunity to a very limited class of surviving family members.

Surviving Spouse

If the victim was over 18, their spouse will have priority to file a wrongful death action. The spouse can file the claim on behalf of themselves and the victim’s children. Georgia law provides that a spouse is entitled to at least one-third of the damages recovered in a wrongful death action.


If the victim didn’t have a surviving spouse, their children have the opportunity to file a wrongful death claim.


If the victim did not have a surviving spouse or any living children, the right to file a wrongful death claim shifts to the parents. 

Personal Representative

In situations where there is no surviving spouse, child, or parent, the personal representative of the victim’s estate has the right to file a claim. Any damages recovered are paid into the estate and then distributed to any living beneficiaries.

Types of Wrongful Death Cases We Handle

Under the right circumstances, any accident, act of violence, or mistake can potentially be fatal.

At Lawson Personal Injury Attorneys, we represent families in wrongful death cases arising from:

Experience can make a world of difference as you’re fighting for compensation after your loved one’s wrongful death. Benefit from our 18+ years of experience and unrivaled ability to win top results. Contact our Lawrenceville law office today to begin.

Can Shared Fault Affect My Georgia Wrongful Death Settlement?

Yes. Georgia’s modified comparative negligence law applies to all personal injury lawsuits, including wrongful death claims.

Under Georgia law, sharing responsibility for an accident in which you’re injured or killed will have a direct impact on any related legal claims for damages. Specifically, damages are reduced proportionately to fault, up to 49 percent. Once the victim is assigned 50 percent or more responsibility for the accident, the right to recover damages from a third party disappears.

Let’s say your spouse was killed in a Lawrenceville car accident. Your wrongful death case is estimated to be worth $500,000. However, your spouse is assigned 10 percent fault because they were speeding. As a result, your maximum take-home recovery will be limited to $450,000. ($500,000 reduced by 10 percent.)

Our wrongful death attorney in Lawrenceville will anticipate tactics designed to shift blame and hurt your opportunity to get the compensation you need and deserve after your loved one’s fatal accident. We’ll counter allegations of shared fault and limit how much, if any, liability your loved one is assigned.

What Damages Can Be Awarded in a Lawrenceville Wrongful Death Case?

Wrongful death claims are intended to compensate the victim’s family for their losses. As a result, the types of damages that can be awarded are different from other types of personal injury cases.

Georgia law provides that the family can be compensated for the “full value of the life of the decedent,” which can include both economic and non-economic awards for:

  • Lost wages, benefits, and financial support
  • Lost care, support, companionship
  • Lost value of household services

Punitive damages can also be awarded if a jury is compelled to believe that the defendant’s actions were grossly negligent (meaning they consciously disregarded the victim’s safety) or intentionally harmful.

Additional damages can be awarded in a separate survival action. A survival action is filed to recover compensation that the victim would have been entitled to recover if they’d survived, including damages related to medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering.

How Long Do I Have to File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit After a Fatal Accident in Georgia?

Once a family member dies from fatal injuries caused by another person’s criminal activity or negligence or due to a defective product, you’ll typically have two years to file a wrongful death claim for damages. 

You must file your wrongful death action before the applicable statute of limitations runs out. Once time is up, you’ll lose the right to demand justice for your loss.

Call Lawson Personal Injury Attorneys for help right away or visit our law office. We can take on the burden of your legal claim, giving you the time and opportunity you need to grieve your loss and figure out a path forward.

Schedule a Free Consultation With an Experienced Lawrenceville Wrongful Death Lawyer

You don’t have to struggle with the devastating loss of your close family member on your own. Lawson Personal Injury Attorneys is here to offer the support and guidance you deserve while also seeking out the top-dollar financial recovery you deserve.

Our Lawrenceville wrongful death attorney has 18+ years of experience handling tough legal disputes like yours. Our case results are a testament to how much we care about our clients.

Contact our Lawrenceville law office to learn more. We offer a free consultation so that you can learn about your rights and the benefits of having our top-rated law firm fight for you.

Lawrenceville Wrongful Death Review

Lawrenceville Wrongful Death Review

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