How Safe Are Motor Scooters in Lawrenceville, GA?

How Safe Are Motor Scooters in Lawrenceville, GA?

Most vehicles on the average road will be trucks or cars. You may see occasional bicycles or motorcycles on some streets, especially when the weather is nice. But one vehicle you will rarely see, though, is a motor scooter.

Acting as a sort of middle ground between a bicycle and a motorcycle, the motor scooter isn’t particularly popular. It’s because of that relative obscurity and rarity that many drivers don’t know what rules apply to these vehicles. If you are considering using one on the public roads of Lawrenceville, Georgia, here are things you should know about how to use a scooter safely.

Motor Scooter Drivers Must Follow the Rules of the Road

At first, it may seem like motor scooters have more in common with bicycles than motorcycles. However, because they have an engine that is over 50cc, they are treated more like the latter by Georgia’s laws

As such, motor scooter drivers are granted all the rights of drivers of larger vehicles and must also follow all the same regulations. The only notable exceptions involve headlights, taillights, and windshields. 

Normally, you’ll also need a standard driver’s license to drive a motor scooter on Georgia’s public roads. However, the state does offer an option to waive the license requirement. 

If you participate in a state-sponsored rider education course, the state will waive the license requirement. Do keep in mind, though, that it will not waive the requirement for the scooter to be registered, insured, or safety-checked.

Is It Safe To Drive a Motor Scooter on the Road?

That is the million-dollar question. And as for the answer, the state of Georgia feels that it is safe for motor scooters to share the road with larger vehicles, so long as the driver of the scooter understands the specific skills needed to safely handle it. (This is why the state offers rider education courses.)

However, the state also recognizes that some roads are too dangerous for motor scooters, as they will be unable to drive fast enough to keep up with traffic. As such, scooters are prohibited on these roads. But if you avoid them, driving a motor scooter should be relatively safe. It travels at speeds that are comparable to other vehicles when driven on almost any road.

The Dangers of Motor Scooter Accidents

The biggest danger with a motor scooter is getting into an accident, as the outcome of such is very similar to that of a bicycle accident or a motorcycle accident. The vehicle doesn’t have a seat belt or an airbag, so any accident is likely to result in the driver being ejected from the vehicle.

Unfortunately, that often leads to catastrophic injuries, especially if you aren’t wearing a helmet when you get into an accident. Even at relatively low speeds, you are at a much higher risk of death in a motor scooter accident than in a traditional car accident.

How To Avoid a Motor Scooter Accident

While it is the responsibility of every driver to avoid accidents, you should take extra precautions when riding a motor scooter. Keep in mind that your vehicle is much smaller than the average car and that many drivers may not notice you as a result. 

Additionally, never pass another vehicle or even get close unless you are certain they can see you. Furthermore, learn the ins and outs of the streets of Lawrenceville. If you know which streets have blind turns or potholes, you can avoid dangers that might result in an accident.

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